Temporary Crown, Bridge, and Onlays

1.  The temporary cement takes about 30 minutes to set.DO NOT eat anything during this time. drinking is OK.

2.  Please refrain from eating anything sticky or hard.  It could break or pull off your temporary restoration.

3.  Do not floss around the temporary restoration.  Flossing could result in the temporary restoration popping off.

4.  If your temporary restoration breaks or comes off, please call our office immediately.

5.  If the temporary restoration comes off in one piece, you may put GEL toothpaste in the temporary restoration and put it back into place. ( DO NOT BITE IT BACK INTO PLACE)

6.  If the temporary restoration is not replaced right away, your teeth may shift or tissue may grow over resulting in the need to make extra adjustments or re-make the restoration in order for the permanent to fit.


  • Your gum is uncomfortable or bleeds
  • You have a problem with your bite (ex. it feels high or off)
  • You have any questions or concerns
  • Your temporary restoration becomes loose or comes off