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Dental implants are a great, long-lasting option for patients suffering from tooth loss, and who want to complete their smile with multiple tooth replacements. Your Columbia, MD dentist, Irv Schindler, DDS, offers many cosmetic options to restore the natural beauty and health of your smile.

What are Dental Implants?

Columbia Implant Dentist - Dr. Schindler

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is inserted into your jaw to hold replacement teeth. Dental implants are a viable option for patients who have lost their teeth to gum disease, injury, or other factors. The durable titanium posts are used to support new teeth and will stand alone from neighboring teeth to create a healthy, long-lasting bite.

Dental implants can be fixed or removable and can last a lifetime if cared for properly. They offer numerous benefits that include improved jaw bone health, an ability to eat all types of foods, unaffected speech, and it prevents early facial aging associated with missing teeth.

Dr. Schindler coordinates treatment with local oral surgeons who will place the implants. Once the implant has fused to the bone, Dr. Schindler will secure the final restoration for a beautiful natural looking smile.

Dental Implant Restorations

When it comes to dental implant restorations, you have many choices. Dr. Schindler only uses USA-based labs to create the restoration and will use custom abutments for a seamless smile.

Our dental practice offers the following:

Single Crowns- All crowns are metal-free including E-max crowns, which are strong, tooth-colored and blend in for a natural looking smile.

Dental Bridges- We aim for an aesthetically-pleasing result, using porcelain-fused metal, zirconium, or E-max. The bridge stands alone atop two dental implants without affecting adjacent teeth.

Partials and Dentures- We offer overdentures, or implant-supported dentures, that “snap on.” Patients can remove these appliances for easy cleaning. These dentures are secure and omit the need for messy adhesives to hold in place.

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