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This is a testimony from a dental phobic.
DR. SCHINDLER HAS GAINED MY TRUST. I never thought I would be able to say that about any dentist.
When I was 12 years old, which was 54 years ago, I was hurt very badly during a tooth extraction. For 54 years I have been terrified to go to the dentist. During a normal x-ray appointment I cry for no reason, I have trouble breathing, and all this anxiety is just form having my teeth x-rayed. Can you imagine what it is like for me to get a needle or a filling?
Normally, I need IV sedation to get through any dental appointment. Dr. Schindler has shown me that Conscious Sedation is a safe and painless way to get a dental phobic, like myself, through a 2 hour procedure without any pain or memory of what happened. Dr. Schindler gave me a little blue pill to take one hour before my appointment, and one more pill after I was in the dental chair. THAT'S ALL THERE WAS TO IT! I didn't feel any pain and I didn't remember anything that happened during those 2 hours.
Finding Dr. Schindler, his assistant Becca, and his staff was a miracle. Although I am still dental phobic, I can trust Dr. Schindler and Conscious Sedation to get me through the fear.
Sharon B.

I didn't quite believe the testimonials but I did believe Dr. Schindler's support staff and their belief in this process for me. It was exactly as promised. No pain, no memory of discomfort and for me, no looking back! I have found my dentist.

Susan M.